Where you can find her on Summer weekends: Soaking in the rays (with #15) at her parents beach

Book she just finished reading: Das Halsband der Taube

Restaurant Frequently Frequented: South American Grille... great food and sunsets!

What she's most grateful for: The sweet answer: My husband. The unexpected answer: a warm shower every morning. The wintertime answer: Gigantic snowflakes that float to the ground. It depends on the season, the day and the mood!

Choclate stashed in the cupboard: Lindt Dark Chocalte Truffles

Perfect hideaway: A small chalet in the heart of the Alps, with glorious mountain views all around, and Kaffee Stunde on the balcony every afternoon.

Biggest Weakness: House Plan and interior design magazines. And what would the world do without HGTV!

Favorite flower: How can you pick?

CD in your car right now: Anna Nalick "Wreck of the Day"

Magazine on your coffee table: Bon Appetit

Earliest influences: Kermit the Frog and Rainbow Connection. Of course, later Amy Grant and Mariah Carey

Secret tidbit: I owned (gasp) all of Michael Jackson’s albums. What was that all about???