Seelye is a charismatic, knock-out of a performer; she had an audience spellbound... this winter, pouring passion into the keys of her piano. Kristine is definitely someone to put on your “must see” list this coming year.

Robert Downes
Northern Express Magazine

Gänsehautfeeling pur war angesagt, als Kristine Seelye am Wochenende im Club Kaulberg auftrat. Die sympathische Amerikanerin begleitete sich zu ihren eigenen zauberhaften Songs selbst am E-Piano... und garnierte die meisten Ansagen mit netten Geschichten in deutscher Sprache.

Fränkischer Tag
Bamberg, Germany

Kristine is a remarkably gifted songwriter who's vocal & keyboard ability seems to intertwine with every one of her songs. The two go together like hands in gloves. The result is a uniquely original artistic style full of deep maturity, passion, and a touch of humor. After one listen you'll realize this is real talent.

John Beland
Producer, Arranger, Guitarist,
ASCAP Award Winning Songwriter

Settling into my seat at a Kristine Seelye concert is as satisfying as decanting a treasured vintage into fine crystal. Great experiences of the past heighten expectation, but the true joy comes the moment the music begins anew.

Dale Hull
Consultant in Arts Administration
Former Director Crooked Tree Arts Center

Kristine delivers! Our annual 3000 seat fundraiser depends upon professional, quality talent. Her beautiful voice and solid playing support original compositions with tremendous appeal.

Patricia Stedman
Show Producer, Founding Member
Association for Harbor Arts

Kristine' writing skills and powerful voice make her an up-and-coming artist worth watching.

Roger Tarczon
Drummer for David Crosby (Crosby, Stills & Nash),
JJ Cale, & currently with: Drew Abbot (Bob Seger)

Kristine is a writer with a core musicality. Not only can she write great tunes but Kristine is a GREAT player! And her singing speaks for itself! Years of performing have paid off big time.

John Ivan Greilick
Guitarist for "Rare Earth" Writer, Producer

Kristine has everything it takes to succeed in music. Not only can she play, sing and write, but has the intelligence and depth to truly connect with an audience.

Scott Zylstra
Recording Engineer & Owner, Frontier Recording

Seelye has all the right stuff - powerful vocals and strong piano chops all wrapped up in engaging, memorable tunes. She'll make you remember how powerful music is supposed to be.

Jeff Haas
Michigan Jazz Pianist & Composer