May 2008: WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?! I can hardly believe it's May! There's so much lined up, personally as well as musically, but I'm always most excited when I write new material, which means I can't WAIT to share yesterday's new creation with you all. Definitely my favorite at the moment! And you should have some great opportunities to hear it as there's a good mix of full band and solo concerts coming your way this summer... the details of which are still be ironed out on a few yet. So be sure to check the schedule and come on out.

I'm also excited to be invited to sing in Germany this July, sandwiched in with some great artists like Paul Simon and the Neville Brothers. It's an international festival that essentially celebrates the human voice in all its musical forms. I can't wait to be there!

And I can't wait to share my songs with YOU! Here's to a great summer! See you out there!

July 2007: Hello Summer! There's absolutely nothing like a Northern Michigan Summer! Doesn't it just take your breath away every time you round a bend and see that gorgeous lake sparkling in the sunshine? Ah... if only summer would never end...

The band is now rehearsing and sounding great! Most of you have only heard me perform solo so this summer is a great opportunity to hear the full band arrangements of old favorites and check out the new material... which I absolutely LOVE! I can't wait to share it with you! I hope you'll join us at the full band concerts scheduled in Petoskey... July 27 and August 18. They're both outdoors and one is directly on the waterfront... just before another stunning Lake Michigan Sunset. See you there!

May 2007: Oh my! Where did the time fly? Can you believe May is already coming to an end?!?! I trust you all enjoyed a great winter season... though there wasn't enough skiing here on our end! I also trust you are now reveling in the warm sunshine and bright new colors of springtime. It amazes me every year as it suddenly emerges right on cue.

Over the past months I have been luxuriating in the idea that I have SO much time on my hands to get things done BUT... now summer is bearing down on us and it's time to get ready for the 2007 Summer/Fall performance schedule. So, after enjoying a winter focus on songwriting, I'm excited to share some new songs with you. The concert schedule is still being finalized so keep checking my website and plan on catching up with me this summer.

I look forward to seeing you!

December 2006: There is nothing more magical than sitting in the light of a Christmas tree. I tend to think it comes from the same deep places of our soul as staring into a fire. There is something soothing and mesmerizing about it. I was reflecting on this last night, gazing at the glowing boughs in my living room, not wanting to leave the room... why can't we recreate this sense of peace and magic throughout the rest of the year? Why does it take a Christmas tree to entice us away from our morning 'til bedtime frenzy? As crazy as the holidays may seem, the peace and beauty that can come with it create moments I treasure more than just about any other time of the year. And all it takes is a moment! One little moment to sit and be at peace.

A new CD, numerous concerts, and two national radio campaigns later, let alone the demands of daily living, I find myself craving quiet, simple moments. This has been an amazing, difficult, exhilarating, trying, stressful, up and down year; one moment excited about the future; one moment feeling I don't have a future. If you're like me and easily sway back and forth with the changing winds of day to day life, or even if you can claim to be steady and grounded... take some time to simply stare into the boughs and let the peace and beauty permeate. I wish you deep peace and eyes to see beauty in the coming year.

June 2006: Hi everyone! I can't thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm during the recent radio promotion. "I Still Believe" outperformed all expectations and we can honestly say we reached the FMQB Top 10! I'm still a bit dumbfounded. What a great start to summer!

Which is definitely here! I love June. It is summer with the promise of better things to come. It treats us daily to kisses of sunshine, soft breezes, fresh, lush green foliage, songbirds, and day after glorious day of warmth stretched out in endless array... until just after July 4th. Then, slowly, something changes. Like a soft change in wind direction. And we feel like it's all going to come to an end before we know it.

I won't let that happen this year. Not this summer and not with this CD. I'm going to savor every moment. Savor the lazy days of summer. Savor every moment of writing, playing, and watching the next song climb the charts. Yes, I am releasing the next single sometime in August (most likely). But in the meantime I'm finishing a few new songs and booking a Fall tour. So look for me in a town near you. And join me in savoring each day to the last drop.